Phobias C

cancer carcinomophobia
cars (automobiles) motorphobia
cats ailurophobia
Celts, Celtic Celtophobia
cemeteries coimetrophobia
certain places topophobia (see also performing)
challenges to official doctrine or of radical deviation heresyphobia or hereiophobia
changes metathesiophobia
changes (making) tropophobia
chemicals or working with chemicals chemophobia
chickens alektorophobia
childbirth or pregnancy tocophobia
China, Chinese Sinophobia
chins geniophobia
choking or of being smothered pnigophobia
cholera cholerophobia
clocks chronomentrophobia
clothes vestiophobia
clouds nephophobia
clowns coulrophobia
church ecclesiophobia
cockroaches katsaridaphobia
coitus coitophobia
cold cheimaphobia
colors chromophobia
comets cometophobia
complex scientific or (Greek) terms Hellenologophobia
computers computerphobia
constipation coprostasophobia
contagious (being) tapinophobia
cooking mageirocophobia
cosmic kosmikophobia
crossing streets agiophobia
crowded rooms koinoniphobia
crowds demophobia
crucifixes or crosses staurophobia
crystals or glass crystallophobia

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