Phobias D

dampness, liquids or moisture hygrophobia
dancing chorophobia
darkness nyctophobia
dawn eosophobia
daylight phengophobia
death, corpses necrophobia or thanatophobia
decaying matter septophobia
decisions (making) decidophobia
defecation (painful) defecalgesiophobia
deformity dysmorphophobia
demons, goblins bogyphobia
dentists dentophobia
dependence on others soteriophobia
depth bathophobia (see also bathing)
devils, evil spirits demonophobia
diabetes diabetophobia
dining, dinner conversation deipnophobia
dirt, germs mysophobia
dirt (on oneself) automysophobia
disease bisiogibua
disease (hereditary) patriophobia
disease, illness pathophobia
disease (particular) monopathophobia or nosophobia
disease (rectal or rectum) proctophobia or rectophobia
disease (skin) dermatosiophobia
dizziness or whirlpools dinophobia
doctors iatrophobia
dogs cynophobia
dolls and children pedophobia
double vision diplopiaphobia
draughts, fresh air, air swallowing aerophobia (see also flying)
draughts, winds anemophobia
dreams oneirophobia
dreams (wet) oneirogmophobia
drink (usually alcohol) potophobia
drugs pharmacophobia
drugs (new) neopharmaphobia
dryness xerophobia
dust amathophobia
Dutch dutchphobia
duty or responsibility (neglect of) paralipophobia

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