Phobias M

machinery mechanophobia
madness maniaphobia (see also insanity)
magic rhabdophobia (see also beaten, being)
making changes or moving trophophobia
many things polyphobia
marriage gamophobia
materialism hylephobia (see also woods)
meat carnophobia
medicine (taking) pharmacophobia
memories mnemophobia
men androphobia
meningitis meningitophobia
menstruation menophobia
mercuruial medicines hydrargyophobia
metal metallophobia
meteors meteorophobia
mice musophobia
microbes microbiophobia
mind psychophobia
mirrors catoptrophobia
missiles ballistrophobia (see also bullets)
mites, ticks acarophobia
mole rat (great) zemmiphobia
money (touching) chrematophobia
monsters (or giving birth to monster) teratophobia
moon selenophobia
mother-in-law pentheraphobia
moths mottephobia
motion or movement kinesophobia
motor vehicles motophobia
mushroom (aversion to) mycophobia
music musicophobia
myths, stories and lying mythophobia

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