Phobias P

pain algophobia
paper papyrophobia
parasites parasitophobia
parents-in-law soceraphobia
peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth arachibutyrophobia
pellagra pellagrophobia
penis (contour of, visible through clothes) medectophobia
penis (seeing, thinking about or having an erect) ithyphallophobia
people anthropophobia (see also society)
performing (stage fright) topophobia (see also places (certain))
persons with amputations apotemnophobia
philosophy, philosophers philosophobia
phobias phobophobia
physical injury traumatophobia (see also war)
pigeons peristerophobia
pins, needles belonephobia
places (certain) topophobia (see also performing)
places (steep) cremnophobia
plants botanophobia
pleasure hedonophobia
poetry metrophobia
pointed objects aichmophobia
poison or of being accidently poisoned toxiphobia
poisons iophobia (see also rust)
poliomyelitis (contracting) poliosophobia
politicians or abnormal dislike politicophobia
pope papaphobia
poverty peniaphobia
precipices cremnophobia
progress prosophobia
property orthophobia
prostitutes cyprianophobia
pseudo-rabies kynophobia (see also rabies)
public speaking glossophobia
punishment poinephobia
purple porphyrophobia

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