Phobias W

waiting long macrophobia
walking basiphobia
walking and standing stasibasiphobia
walloons walloonphobia
war traumatophobia (see also injury (physical)) ablutophobia
washing oneself ablutophobia
wasps spheksophobia
wasting sickness tabophobia
water hydrophobia
waves (sea), of wavelike motion cymophobia
weakness or fainting asthenophobia
weight (gaining) obesophobia or pocrescophobia
wealth plutophobia
white (color) leukophobia
wind, drafts anemophobia
wine oenophobia
witches and witchcraft wiccaphobia
women gynaephobia
women (beautiful) venustaphobia
woods hylephobia (see also materialism)
wooden objects xylophobia
work or functioning/surgeon’s fear of operating ponophobia or ergasiophobia
worms scoleciphobia
worms (being infested with) helminthophobia
wrinkles (getting) rhytiphobia
writing graphophobia
writing (in public) scriptophobia
wrongdoing peccatiphobia

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