Phobias F

fabrics (particular) textophobia
failure or defeat kakorrhaphiophobia
falling man-made satellites keraunothnetophobia
fat (becoming) obesophobia
fatigue kopophobia
fear phobophobia
feathers (tickled by) pteronophobia
fecal matter scatophobia
feces coprophobia
fever pyrexiphobia
figure 8 octophobia
filth rhypophobia
fire pyrophobia
firearms hoplophobia
fish chthyphobia
flashes of light selaphobia
flavors geumophobia
flies pteronarcophobia
floods antlophobia
flowers anthophobia or anthrophobia
flutes aulophobia
flying aerophobia (see also air (fresh), draughts)
fog homichlophobia
food or eating cibophobia or sitophobia
foreigners or strangers xenophobia
forests, dark wooded areas hylophobia or nyctohylophobia
forgotten (being), forgetting athazagoraphobia (see also ignored)
France, French Francophobia
freedom eleutherophobia
fresh air, draughts aerophobia (see also flying)
Friday the 13th paraskavedekatriaphobia
frost, ice, extreme cold cryophobia
fur, animal skin doraphobia

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