Meaning of flowers

Acacia : beauty in retirement

Agapanthis : secret love

Ambrosia : “your love is returned”

Anemone : sincerity; forsaken

Aster : symbol of love

Azalea : “take care of yourself”

Bluebell : humility

Cactus : endurance

Caladium : great joy and delight

Camellia : good luck gift for a man

Chrysanthemum : “you are a wonderful friend”

Crocus : gladness

There are 42 different types of crocus

Daffodil : respect

Daisy : loyal love and innocence

Freesia : trust

Forget-me-not : true love and good memories

Hyacinth : “please forgive me”

Honeysuckle : happiness

Hydrangea : “thank you for understanding”

Iris : wisdom, faith and hope

Jonquil : desire for affection returned

Larkspur : fickleness

Lily of the Valley : beauty, gaiety, coquetry

Magnolia : nobility

Marigold: grief

Narcissus : “stay as sweet as you are”

Orchid : thoughtful, maturity, charm

Petunia : “your presence soothes me”

Primrose : “I cannot be without you”

Stephanotis : happiness in marriage

Sweet Pea : “thanks for a lovely time”

Sunflower : pride, sunshine

Tulip : perfect lover and luck

Violet : faithfulness, virtue

Viscaria : “dance with me”

Wisteria : welcome

Carnations – The flower of fascination


Pink carnation: “always on my mind”

Red carnation : passion

White carnation : sweet, lovely, good luck

Yellow carnation : bond of friendship

Roses – The flower of love


Red rose – love, passion

Pink rose – happiness

White rose – purity, innocence

Yellow rose – friendship

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