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Largest deserts

The largest deserts are covered in ice and you might not think of it as a desert but a desert is an […]

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World’s longest rivers

List of the longest rivers in the world and the countries through which they run: 1. Amazon –  4,250 miles (6,800 km) […]

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Oldest living things on earth

Happy birthday if you’re 100 million years old today. Compared with the oldest living things on earth you’re still a youngster. Enjoy […]

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10 largest oil spills in history

Oil. Crude oil. Petroleum. Fossil fuel. Motion lotion. Black gold. Black gloop. Devil’s blood. Whatever you want to call oil, you are […]

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Floral kingdoms

The world is divided into six floral kingdoms: 1. Holarctic kingdom: (North American west coast and Central Asia) 2. Paleotropical kingdom (Central […]

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Meaning of flowers

Acacia : beauty in retirement Agapanthis : secret love Ambrosia : “your love is returned” Anemone : sincerity; forsaken Aster : symbol […]

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Largest and deadliest earthquakes

Several million earthquakes occur each year but they are small. Earthquake centers locate about 20,000 earthquakes every year – about 50 earthquakes […]

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